About This Interest Group

The International Insurance Interest Group, popularly known as the 3iG, is among the CPCU Society’s most active interest groups (IGs). It consists of a large, active leadership with members from countries around the world. Its mission continues to be to “increase awareness of the international perspectives of insurance and risk.” Driven by that goal, the 3iG has played a significant role in making contacts and assisting with the formation of several international chapters, as well as in helping to create informal, international developmental groups.

The 3iG is a regular and an active sponsor of seminars at the CPCU Society Annual Meetings and Leadership Summits, and it actively produces a variety of webinars on diverse, international insurance topics. It freely interacts and partners with other IGs, and several members are among those who assist in selecting CPCU Society international ambassadors.


A Letter from the Chair

Welcome to the International Insurance Interest Group (3iG) page. I hope that you, like me, are interested in global insurance issues. I am very fortunate in that the 3iG practically runs itself!  Our leadership committee is made up some of the brightest, most charismatic and most hardworking people in the industry.  Every “3iGer” takes on a task and gets it done. We recognize that we all have families and a job which takes priority over our volunteer work at the Society, but we also recognize that our integrity is at stake with the group and the Society, so when we commit to a task, we get the work done.

We work closely with The Institutes and the Society’s staff to get the 3iG work done. The leadership committee is in constant contact with each other which assists us in regularly communicating with Society chapters around the world as well as developing possible future chapters in several other parts of the globe. We create excellent seminars at annual meetings as well as topical webinars; we also excel in hosting a popular cocktail party and other networking events.

Given the group’s high energy, enthusiasm, and general good nature, my role as Chair mainly consists of keeping track of what everyone is doing and finding out how I can help them achieve their goals. We don’t take ourselves too seriously making for a lively, creative environment, which has contributed tremendously to our success. We invite you to become a part of that success. Join us!