The CPCU Society Publications Committee Needs Your Help

Fri, 03/03/2017 - 12:22
by Bruce Hicks, CPCU, CLU

Hi, I’m Bruce Hicks, CPCU, CLU and I’m currently serving on the Society’s Publications Committee, representing the International Insurance Interest Group. I want to talk to you about an opportunity to serve 3iG as well as raise your visibility and reputation as a CPCU. I am asking you to help increase the amount of valuable content our Society provides to its members by writing and submitting an article to one of our publications such as the CPCU News and Insights.

The most valuable asset that we insurance professionals possess is knowledge. We have all gained expertise while performing our jobs, by seeking additional education and via our interactions with peers, clients and others. The most valuable service we have to offer is to freely share what we have learned.

You have the ability to make our IG and Society stronger! You are in the prime position to further our knowledge on topics and issues we must be familiar with in order to serve the insurance and risk management sector!

I’m asking you to accept the challenge to write and submit an article for consideration for publication. Depending on the subject, length and tone, it may be best suited for the CPCU News, Insights or on our 3iG website. Note, we can also consider publication in Informant, 3iG’s own, unique newsletter.

If you’re willing to make a submission, a good place to start is to visit here - CPCU Society Publications. This page has information on how to make submissions including what you need to know about the purpose of each publication, the length, style and tone required. We are quite willing to work with you! Contact us and share what you would like to write about.

How about another, additional way to help? It’s very important for us to provide articles that are timely and relevant to our 3iG members. While the Society has staff and volunteers who work hard to find and focus on topics, our eyes and ears are open to your suggestions. So, get in contact and tell us what you want to see covered by articles. What current subjects do you wish to see covered? From what angles or perspectives should we view them? What emerging topics are you aware of that we should consider?

If you have written articles before, fantastic! Put your writing acumen in service of the 3iG! You haven’t written before? Well, here’s an ongoing opportunity to add to your skills. Pitch us an idea that you’d like to submit. Sharing your expertise on a given subject and having it published can add luster to your resume and impress your employer. It also aids the 3iG in its Circle of Excellence Goals.

The opportunity is NOW. Write for us! Share with us on topics that we should be covering. You have the talent and knowledge to contribute! Do It! Be a writing #CPCUChampion!

Do you have questions or article ideas or want to know how to get started? I’m very eager to help! If you email, please use “3iG Writing” as the subject line.


Bruce Hicks, CPCU, CLU
Work Email:
Cell: 317-385-2469

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