The International Insurance Interest Group, popularly known as 3iG, was originally founded, along with the other interest groups, about 20 years ago as an interest section. Originally, the group was led by Gail Burns, CPCU. Its growth and success were spurred by a series of strong leaders, including CPCUs Tony Burger; Anthony Feinberg; Tony Cabot; Mickey Brown; Elaine George; Christopher Henriques; and, currently, Abi Potter Clough. 3iG is the CPCU Society’s most culturally diverse interest group.

3iG members hail from many countries and bring their diverse perspectives and ideas to our group. We benefit from the knowledge and wisdom of long-term members and the energy and passion of new designees. Everyone is welcome, whether working internationally or domestically – no international experience needed!

Many of 3iG’s members are involved with various other initiatives within the CPCU Society, such as publishing works in Insights or 3iG’s quarterly newsletter, The Informant; presenting, producing, or moderating webinars; writing blogs; administering the annual International Ambassador contest; mentoring other members; working with students in their local community; starting and contributing to discussions on various social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp; and taking on leadership positions in their local chapters.

3iG members live and work around the world in a thriving, dynamic international insurance industry. We share a passion for international insurance and for life itself!